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Q: What days are the Women’s retreat attendance?

A: Friday afternoon March 25th through Sunday around noon March 27


Q: Where is the retreat held at?

A: Hilton Lake Las Vegas, 1610 Lake Las Vegas Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89011


Q: What times are check-in/check-out at the Hilton?

A: Check-in time is 4pm on Friday & check-out is 11am Sunday.  I advise to check-out before attending Sunday service, in most cases, service goes pass 11am.  After Sunday service, we will be dismissed to go home or fellowship elsewhere.


Q: Where do I go to register for the retreat?

A: There are 2 ways.  You can either go to the church’s website scroll down to more events and click on it.  Or on the church’s app, tap on announcements.  Both of these will take you to the women’s retreat digital flyer, click on the flyer and this will take you to the registration page.


Q: How do I register?

A: There are 2 options.  If you are planning on staying overnight at the Hilton, on the left side of the registration page, under Overnight Guests, click on “Click here to register.”  If you plan on join either/both Friday/Saturday but not staying overnight at the Hilton, on the right side of the registration page, under Daily Guests (Friday & Saturday), click on “Click here to register.”  *Make sure when you go to pay for the registration fee, under “Attendee #1 info,” just below it has “not staying at hotel $50,” and “staying at hotel $20.”  Even if you had clicked to register as an overnight guest, it defaults to highlight “not staying at the hotel.”  Just click on “staying at hotel,” and you will be charged the correct amount.


Q: How much is the registration fee?

A: For overnight guests, the registration fee is $20, before March 1st*.  For daily guests (Friday & Saturday), the registration fee is $50, before March 1st.  *After March 1st, the fee increases by $15, so overnight guests will be $35 and daily guests will be $65.  **If you are only able to attend Sunday Morning service, there is no fee.


Q: My friend gave me cash for registration.  How do I register them online?

A: There are 2 ways to do this.  If you are registering both yourself & someone else online at the same time, after you “click here to register,” on the registration page, you fill out your info under both “Registrant info” and “Attendee #1 info.”  Once you fill out “Attendee #1 info,” underneath it there is in smaller lettering “Add Attendee.”  Click on this & you can add your friend’s name, email, & number.  If you are registering at a separate time, fill out your name & email under “Registrant info” but then fill out your friend’s info under “Attendee #1 info.”


Q: I’m planning on staying overnight at the Hilton and sharing a room with a few women.  Do we all need to book the room?

A: You all need to register under overnight guests.  However, only one of you needs to book the room.  Make sure you talk with the women you are rooming with on who is going to book the room. That woman can go under Overnight Guests, right above the “Click here to Register” button, there is “Book Room.”  Click on it and it will take you through booking the room online.   You can “add guests names” (the women you are rooming with) underneath where you fill out your information.  The hotel will charge the $250 to book the room to the woman who booked it.  Your group can decide how to reimburse her.


Q: Do I need to book a room online?

A: There are 2 ways to book a room.  Either online or you can call Hilton Lake Las Vegas directly at 1-702-567-4700.  Let them know you are attending of the VC Women’s retreat to give you their special rate.  If they ask for a group code, it’s WOMEN. See “How to Reserve a Room” step by step instructional for more details.


Q: I want to stay overnight, attend the classes, and spend some time with other women, but I also like privacy and want my own room.

A: The Hilton has blocked some rooms with a single king size bed for those who want their privacy and sleep.  The rate is still $250 for the 2 nights.


Q: Do I need to attend all 3 days and stay overnight at the Hilton?

A: Though there will be amazing lessons, and fantastic times to connect with other women, we understand people have financial/family circumstances.  Therefore, there is an option to register as a daily guest if you are not planning on staying overnight but planning to attend Friday/Saturday.


Q: I want to come but I can only make it to Sunday morning, can I still join?  Do I need to register?

A: You are more than welcome to join Sunday morning.  There is no registration fee for women who can only join Sunday service.


Q: Is there a parking fee?

A: There is free self-parking for overnight guests and a valet section if you choose that route.

Q: Where can I go to eat?

A: The Hilton will be providing a complimentary breakfast both Saturday & Sunday morning for overnight guests.  There are a couple of restaurants inside the Hilton, as well as a few cafes and restaurants within walking distance in Lake Las Vegas.  If you choose to go out of Lake Las Vegas, there are quite a few restaurants in Henderson, which is a short drive away (less than 20 minutes).  As well as the Las Vegas strip, which is about a 30-minute drive.


Q: Can I invite my friends and family members?

A: Please do so!  The more women the merrier.  You can invite your female neighbors, co-workers, friends, family members, etc.

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